lo spazio e le persone

The area and staff

In parallel with MAP, is born today Stilitaly Export, which has set as its fine goal the online sale of quality furniture, selected by qualified staff and adapted to the needs of our clients, a key requirement rarely offered by the market.

The service we provide to our customers doesn't end at the time of purchase but is supported by an excellent after-sale technical service and by the help-desk that we make available to our buyers.

All this is made possible by the infrastructure that we enjoy and the staff on which we rely. With regard to the first one, the area occupied by the company is of two thousand square meters, divided into 2 parts adjacent and complementary : the workshop with an adjoining warehouse area where we provide the loading and unloading of the products, then a part with executive and administrative offices in which operate the staff who direct sales, e-commerce, marketing, accounting section and any other relationship with customers. The staff of the company, in fact, is integrated by young professionals highly trained and coordinated by the two owners who are concerned with the search for the "made in Italy" quality in the furniture put on sale, selecting the best partners with whom collaborate e and in order to offer to the European market competitive prices, tailored solutions and a personalized treatment of relationships with the customers, focusing on the courtesy, helpfulness and satisfaction of all requirements.