I Mussolin

Who we are and how we did it

The wood is a living material that makes you feel his breath through his colors, essences, veins, the rings engraved to signify the passing of time…
To the wood is connected the history of this family, who developed his professional activity in Casale di Scodosia, the geographical center of reference in the Veneto and in Italy for the wood crafts and furniture manufacturing style and design. While presenting itself today to the market with a new business initiative, young and modern, is important to know that this is just the fruit of thirty years in the sector related primarily to his grandfather and founder of the family: Mario Mussolin.

Mussolin's Family

Born in 1933, when he was still young Mario lived the hardships of the war, but without losing heart, with commitment, he learned the carpenter job with the master craftsmen of the place. In '52, stronger about what he had learned and showing his resourcefulness, he moved to Paris where he worked as a carpenter for a year while he attended for four courses to earn the title of foreman. In Paris Mario form even his family knows Antoniette, who married and together they will have their two children, Pietro and Mario Claudio.

After the important Parisian experience, Mussolin the family decided to return to Italy in 1974, from where Mario left. Initially employed as a carpenter in a local company, shortly, however, he decided to start his own business, driven by love for his children, he wanted to leave them a running society, the certainty for a better future, and the impulse to grow and improve that is a constant in his character.

From here, the strong will of this man, a lover of the beauty, created with the patience of those who have been able to mature over time the experience of different materials, the technical difficulties and the taste of pure lines - classic or modern - will born in the ‘70sthe first business family, the MAP, which turns squared wood into magnificent turned parts for the production of semi-finished products, and then sold to various suppliers of furniture.

At the head of the MAP after, will take over his two sons, Peter and Mario Jr., who inherited the father's passion for wood and dedication to this craftsmanship. Thanks to their efforts to renew the company with the purchase of new machinery, the testing of new techniques and the application of modern technology, the company has grown day by day, earning the respect and trust from leading brands of furniture supplier and manufacturers.