The sleeping area covers the range for single or double rooms. The choice alternates between style wooden Venetian tradition of the best and most advanced a series of proposals for those who want to customize this space with new shapes and colors.

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  • Cabinets

    Simple and basic in the design and operation of this type of closet knows no age. In the current conception of furniture the cabinet is no longer seen as the only element of "wardrobe" of the bedroom, wardrobe designs you now in every space, from the corridors between living and sleeping areas, lobbies or in the rooms of service or in the guest room. Mainly carries out the function of large container, structured on the inside with any shelves and drawers, in which you are placing garments or other objects.

  • Dressers and Nightstands

    The section includes Dresser and bedside furniture that will complement the decor of your bedroom. Among the wide range you can find the right furniture to match your bed and furnishings in your room.

  • Read

    The beds are among the most important furniture for our well-being and healthy rest. In this section you will find our offers for beds with or without mattress, single and double.

  • Chests

    Comfortable furnishing complements are essential to keep your home in order. Shapes, colors and materials for all tastes and any kind of decor: from the most classic to the most modern