The furniture for the areas in which we receive our guests or spend time with his family. Tradition and modernity in comparison with two common denominators: quality and comfort. We present our proposals from the classical style furniture with more modern ideas, the result of the new trends.

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  • Beliefs

    The Beliefs and Madie section includes our range of beliefs and furniture for storage of your items and the decor of your home. The majority of the products are entirely made of wood and may have parts made of glass, metal or plastic.

  • Sofa

    Sofas, sofa beds and sofas of various sizes, shapes and finishes. Within this section you will find a wide range of products from which to choose the most suitable to your needs.

  • Elements

    The section collects Day Elements cabinets, shelves and containers that allow you to create your own living room with modular pieces, or to choose among all mobile products to suit your needs.

  • Libraries

    The Libraries section offers a wide range of items designed for the display of books, souvenirs and showpieces. Libraries can be entirely of wood or pieces of glass, metal or plastic.

  • Entrance

    The input section includes furniture panels for input, coat racks, storage shelves or the like. The furniture entrance offer you and your guests an idea about the style of your home by creating a design already in the first environment friendly and in line with your tastes.

  • Wall units

    Furniture to decorate your living room with modular solutions for composing modular wall systems and solutions for your stay according to your needs and your tastes by creating environments.

  • Armchairs

    A piece of furniture oriented elegance and comfort, with backrest and armrests sometimes they stuffed. Lower and wider than a chair, it is shown to be accompanied by a table but rather is intended to waiting rooms or the living room. A chair can take different forms and can be designed for different purposes and contexts. The most modern are equipped with many accessories such as reclining backrests, retractable footrest, aids for alzasi and sit down or even massage.

  • TV Stand

    Section which includes TV stand furniture constructed to support televisions and CRT, Plasma, LCD or LED. The door can be fixed or mobile televisions, wall or floor, suitable for both a classic style that shapes and more modern versions.

  • Tables

    Coffee tables and modern classics. In this section you will find how to decorate the living room, or your living room open plan with a low table. High quality products with wooden, glass or metal.

  • Showcases

    Showcases and Display cases of various shapes and sizes. The majority of the products are composed of a wooden structure with walls and / or glass shelves, metal and plastic. Some items can be prepared for the installation of lights or interior lights.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items